Clearer Skin

Clearer Skin

The right care routine for clearer skin

Bring impure skin back into balance with Dr. Shahid Skin Radiant & Brightening Serum/Lotion. Its MPC (Multipeptide Complex) & Probiotic and Hyaluronic Acid (LMW+HMW) complexes dissolve calluses and regulate sebum production, the skin calms down. The most important thing for impure and pimple-prone skin is a continuous and regular routine in skincare. It has been proven that daily cleansing and care tailored to your skin improve the appearance of your skin. If you do not know which skin type you are, ask a pharmacy or cosmetic institute for a skin analysis.

The right care for cleaner skin

Daily, thorough cleansing and intensive care have been proven to improve the appearance of your skin. The first step towards cleaner skin is proper facial cleansing. The ideal cleanser removes sebum, grease and dead skin cells and opens the pores without unnecessarily stressing or drying out the skin. Foam the good quality foaming cream in the palms of your hands, clean your face and remove it with clear water at the end.

Treat pimples

If you do not treat pimples immediately, it will take much longer for them to disappear again. It is also important to let the skin breathe at all times and to avoid pore-blocking products as they bind grease, dirt and bacteria. Our Antibacterial with Clindamycin and MPC (Multipeptide Complex), Probiotics and Hyaluronic Acid (LMW+HMW) complexes with additional active ingredients especially for cleaner skin is for the targeted treatment of individual pimples overnight. It has an antibacterial effect, regulates sebum production, improves the appearance of the skin and prevents blackheads and pimples.

All products for cleaner skin are dermatologically tested and free of parabens, PEGs and paraffin.

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