Thumper lithium 1 Massager



A single sphere cordless massager that packs a real punch for weighing just over 2lbs! Wear it like a glove. Perfect for trigger points or to treat small areas where you want to target specific muscles. Ideal for treatment of shoulders, elbows, knees, IT bands and calves. The Lithium1is a powerful massager in a small package. It helps release muscle tension and regain flexibility as your muscles relax and recover from exercise or stiffness. The internal battery lasts 120 minutes; approximately 12 massage sessions. The low battery indicator lights up when the battery is at 25% charge, so you know you have a few massage sessions left before needing a charge. The smart charger included in the package brings the battery back to full charge in 120 minutes. Your Lithium1 massager comes with three different heads to customize your massage experience: soft and medium spheres, and hard point cone. Easy to use, just glide the device on its “heel” to the desired position and “park” the massage head in the desired spot. Rock it forward with your fingertips if you want additional pressure. To get the best results, give the Lithium1 a few seconds on the targeted point to do its work, before gliding it a few inches forward and parking it again in the new position. Features

  • 3 speeds: 20/30/40 Pulses/Sec
  • Stroke: 0.25” (6.0 mm)
  • Class 1 FDA Medical Device
  • 3 Interchangeable Massage Skins
  • Carry Bag Included
  • Smart Charger Included


  • Size 4”W x 7”L x 4”H (10 x 18 x 10 cm)
  • Weight: 2.2lbs (1.0 Kg)
  • 2 year warranty on unit
  • 1 year warranty on battery


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