Thumper® Versa Pro



The Versa Pro massager is ideal for treating the lower body. Use it on your feet, calves, quads and hamstrings, or turn it upright and use it on your lower back. The Versa Pro is ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their feet and are looking for relief. It is also ideal for people who do not get sufficient exercise and want their muscles to be revitalized.

The Versa Pro utilizes 13 different massage settings. You can use it at a steady speed (6 speed settings), or you can use it on variable speed program, similar to what you can do on a treadmill or ellipti- cal machine (7 auto programs).

The energy of the Versa Pro is directed through elongated foot pads that contain 184 acu-pressure points. These foot pads are removable for easy cleaning.


  • 12 ft. (3.66 m) Power Cord
  • Variable Speed: 16 – 30 Pulses/ Sec
  • Stroke: 0.24” (6 mm)
  • Class 1 FDA Medical Device

Available Accessories:

  • Carry Case


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