Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Soothe and care for sensitive, stressed and sensitive skin with Dr. Shahid Skincare

Sensitive skin reacts quickly with redness, tightens, itches and burns. As it is quickly irritable, it needs a lot of care. It is very vindictive, so care should be taken with every care. Our Hypoallergenic products care for sensitive skin with the MPC (Multipeptide Complex), Probiotic and Hyaluronic Acid (LMW+HMW) complexes.

Sensitive and dry skin

This combination is particularly difficult. Since the natural protective shield of the sensitive skin is no longer intact, the skin’s own moisture moves outwards, and pollutants can penetrate more easily. This leads to redness and the skin becomes rough, dry and flaky. Our Hypoallergenic products with MPC (Multipeptide Complex), Probiotic and Hyaluronic Acid (LMW+HMW) complex Serum/Cream/lotion provide a remedy. It has a particularly high proportion of peptides probiotics and hyaluronic acid, Zinc, and Magnesium. These have a strong demineralizing effect and contribute considerably to skin regeneration. This skin cream is also used for therapy accompanying care of neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Sensitive skin tends to Rosacea

Small red veins shimmer through the skin on the cheeks and around the nose. This is called rosacea. There are many reasons for this. From high blood pressure to genetic predisposition, there are many reasons for this inflammatory skin disease. If one suffers from rosacea, one should avoid everything which promotes blood circulation and thus the facial redness, avoid. To strengthen the existing vascular walls and reduce the spread of these red veins, we recommend our rosacea (Radiant and Brightening) serum/cream. It soothes the skin and reduces the feeling of heat. A subtle shade of green neutralizes redness for an even complexion.

Cracky and brittle skin

Extremely dry skin can cause the skin to contract and crack. This is particularly the case in places where the skin is exposed to increased movement: on the soles of the feet and the elbow joint. Very dry skin is also more susceptible to the penetration of germs and can therefore become inflamed more easily. Our Med Lipid Cream is a very rich and highly moisturizing special cream for cracked and chapped skin. With MPC (Multipeptide Complex), Probiotic and Hyaluronic Acid (LMW+HMW) complexes it strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and makes the skin smooth and supple again.

Rough hands

The skin on the hands becomes rough mainly due to frequent washing. Cracks often appear on the knuckles of the fingers because the skin stretches there and can tear very quickly when stretched. Our Hand Protection Balm provides intensive care with Shea Butter and the care MPC (Multipeptide Complex), Probiotic and Hyaluronic Acid (LMW+HMW) complexes. It nourishes, regenerates and stimulates the process of skin renewal. Cottonseed oil lies gently like a cotton glove over your irritated hands and protects the damaged cell structure from external influences.

All care products for sensitive skin are dermatologically tested and free of parabens,PEGs and paraffins.

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