Sun Protection

Sun Protection

Excellent sun protection for the individual needs of your skin

Protect the beauty of your skin with Dr.Shahid Skincare UV Sun with MPC(Multipeptide Complex), Probiotic and Hyaluronic Acid (LMW+HMW) complexes reduces the risk of five light-related skin problems: Sunburn, sun-related allergies, and DNA damage, premature skin aging, and pigment shift.

Summer and sun are balms for the soul – and what could be better than spending a relaxing day by the sea, enjoying the warming rays of the sun and recharging your batteries? The first rays of the sun tickle the nose and the sun immediately shows its positive effect: well-being increases, the immune system is strengthened, and the build-up of vitamin D is stimulated. The downside: rapid damage to health and aging of the skin. With the Dr. Shahid Skincare UV- Sun-Protection products with sun protection factors 30 and 50+ and valuable MPC (Multipeptide Complex), Probiotic and Hyaluronic Acid (LMW+HMW) complexes the UV-A and UV-B rays are immediately counteracted. The gels for the face and body protect even particularly sensitive skin and intensively care for it with their active ingredient complex. The light lotion provides intensive moisture after extensive sunbathing and soothes redness. With the discreet body spray “Summer at Sea”, the day at the seaside does not end with dusk. The slightly powdery summer scent with sea silt extract and marine active ingredients refreshes and gives the skin a pleasant feeling. Perfect all-round protection and moisture care for the skin are guaranteed – and so is the perfect summer.

Maritime sun protection for face and body

Whether walking, strolling through town or sunbathing – proper sun protection is indispensable. The Dr. Shahid Skincare UV- Sun Protection Sun-Gel/Cream/lotion SPF are indispensable companions for sunny days. The sun protection factor 50+ offers very high UV-B and UV-A protection. Sunburn, sun-related allergies, and DNA damage are specifically counteracted. The skin also receives optimal protection against pigment shifts and premature skin aging. Both products contain the active ingredient complex MPC (Multipeptide Complex), Probiotic and Hyaluronic Acid (LMW+HMW) complexes. This complex provides intensive moisture to protect the skin from dehydration and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, cares for stressed skin, and protects against free radicals. Thanks to highly effective, MPC (Multipeptide Complex), Probiotic and Hyaluronic Acid (LMW+HMW) complexes provide the skin with additional effective protection against infrared rays (IR) and the resulting skin aging process. Apply sun care generously to the face and body before sunbathing.

Free of fats and emulsifiers, the dermatologically tested sun creams are particularly suitable for light, sensitive types and for skin prone to Acne aestivalis (acne mallorca is a special kind of polymorphous light eruption induced by ultraviolet A radiation. This condition is said to be seasonal, usually affecting people in springtime and goes away in autumn when there is less sun light.


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