Dry, Dehydrated Skin

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Dry and dehydrated skin has the same symptoms. However, they need different care.

In contrast to dry skin, which lacks the body’s own lipids, dehydrated skin has a too low water content in the horny layer. In order to bind water, our skin needs to release natural moisturizing factors (NMF, Natural Moisturizing Factor), which bind the water between the cells during cell renewal. They contain these moisturizing factors naturally. – Why can it still be too dry?

What does dehydrated skin mean?

Low moisture skin is a momentary skin condition. All skin types can be dehydrated: normal skin, combination skin, and dry skin. Dry winter air and other environmental influences, but also today’s lifestyle has the effect that moisture is extracted from the skin again and again. Even when washing, we rinse out water-soluble parts of the protective hydrolipid film on the skin. And this is all the more fatal because the skin can store less moisture the more it loses – a cycle that also weakens the natural skin protective barrier against pathogens. The skin tightens at certain points and lacks a healthy shine and suppleness. Fine lines appear on the skin: the wrinkles of dehydration. In contrast to wrinkles caused by skin aging, these wrinkles disappear when the skin is replenished with sufficient moisture. You should therefore turn to care products that preserve the natural moisture in the skin and transport the moisture into the deeper layers. Dr.Shahid Skincare products for dehydrated skin contain active ingredients that supply the skin with new moisture and help it to store it like a depot. Our special formulation by Dr.Shahid, masters in storing water in their natural environment, supports them in this. Regular use regenerates the skin’s hydrolipid film, leaving it soft and supple and better able to protect us.

All skincare & Haircare products for dehydrated skin and scalp are dermatologically tested and free of parabens, PEGs, and paraffin.


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